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"I just want you to know that my son was bordering on having an eating disorder and he has high-functioning Autism. Your tracker has cured his eating problem. He is so motivated to open the windows and making sure he ate all that he was supposed to. Thanks for inventing this product as it has saved me a lot of money for specialists and he is getting the necessary nutrients he needs to grow properly.

Please tell Lisa that her idea helped us to solve a big problem and that we truly appreciate that you created a product that inspired my son. I even showed it to my son’s pediatrician because he couldn't believe it. Thank you for taking a chance on an idea and making a difference in our lives."

Ivette, Mom of 10 year old son, Westlake, OH

"My kids love it!  They love the core card too!  It definitely encourages them to make healthy choices and move their bodies."
Lea, Mom of Twin Boys, Sam & Ben Age 3, Chicago, IL

“Thanks to the tracker, my three kids are actually asking for vegetables to eat now! This is a great nutritional tool our whole family loves using."
Vicki, Mom of Three Children, Ages 4, 7 & 9, Painted Post, NY

"My three kids love this! They are trying new fruits and veggies and are learning about a balanced diet. They feel a sense of accomplishment - and love closing the doors! Great tool for any parent to help their kids make healthy choices."
Kim, Mom of Twin Girls, Maeve & Lily Age 5 and Jimmy 3, Verona, NJ

"Oh good, I needed more veggies." overheard by mom when daughter Emmy was closing her doors after dinner.
Emmy, Age 9, Fremont, CA

"The tracker is really an inexpensive way of feeling like I have the help of a dietitian or nutritionist in the kitchen with me."
Matt Baer, Father of Two Children, Chloe (Age 2) and Brianna (Age 7), Salem, OH

"I love the nutrition tracker!  It is a high quality product that makes my job so much easier!   I use it daily to track my 8 year old son's eating.   He can get involved too and has learned a lot about eating healthy.  He now understands the importance of a balanced diet and daily activity.  I feel like I'm giving him such an important tool that he can use throughout his lifetime!"
Lynne, Mom of 8 Year old Son, Frisco, TX

"As a grandparent this was a perfect gift that not only helps our daughter as a parent but our grandchildren will benefit from this as well too!  A very unique and effective tool.  Our daughter values the product and the kids are already making healthier choices."
Jim, Grandparent of Kate (Age 3) and CJ (Age 6), Canfield, OH

"AN APPLE A DAY has already helped my child make positive change ~ she is asking for vegetables with her school lunch so as to "close a door."

MJ, mom of 10 year old, Painted Post, NY



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